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The History of Freedom Rally Racing


Freedom Rally Racing started off as a dreamy idea by two first-year Dakar riders, Michael Stanfield and Mark Davidson. Stanfield and Davidson met in 2011 riding in the Dakar Rally and instantly became friends as they both had a passion for off-road endurance riding. Both are businessmen by day, so their dreamy idea of building their own support team quickly became a reality for the 2012 Dakar.

Freedom Rally Racing made its entrance into Dakar 2012 supporting three riders, representing three different countries. They included Michael Stanfield (USA), Mark Davidson (Australia) and Luis Belaustegui (Argentina). These three riders only capture a fraction of the diversity and international appeal present at the Dakar. In 2012, over 50 countries were representing in this cross continent race. In addition to the three team riders, Freedom Rally Racing supported three mechanics and a photojournalist, who followed the team to document their adventure through photographs, video and written articles.

Freedom Rally Racing used a highly modified and organized 2011 Ford F-450 Crew Cab Dually 4x4 to hold all of the necessary parts, tools, tires and equipment needed to fix most any potential problem the team would encounter. While many riders rent space from trucks at the race to hold their equipment, Freedom Rally Racing provided each racer with the room to store their items and support them mechanically in their adventure to finish the Dakar. The custom built aluminum storage body for the support truck includes adjustable shelves, slide out service trays and enough storage to accommodate 4 to 6 Dakar Rally racers.

Freedom Rally Racing experienced true success in 2013 supporting three riders, Marco Saldarriaga (Colombia), Mateo Moreno (Colombia) and Luis Belaustegui (Argentina). All three Freedom Rally Racing riders successfully completed the 2013 Dakar with the assistance of mechanics Scott Spears and Jaime Valdez. Scott and Jaime worked renlentlessly, many nights with no sleep, to ensure the ultimate success of the team efforts. Saldarriaga and Moreno both were two of first Colombians to complete the Dakar, while Belaustegui set a Dakar record by completing the rally the smallest displacement bike ever, a KTM 150cc 2-stroke.

Once you get a taste of the Dakar, it's hard to stop riding in it! In 2014, Saldarriaga and Moreno both returned to Freedom Rally Racing and were joined by three additional riders, Kevin Muggleton (Britain), Peter Hardy (US) and David Reeve (Zambia). The 2014 Dakar proved to be one the most challenging ones on record. Unfortunately, from injuries and accidents to mechanical breakdowns on the course, none of the Freedom Rally Racing riders completed in 2014, a common trend that happened to countless teams that year.

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